We Do So Much – But What’s The Cost?

sleep deprivation

As women, we are genetically wired to DO. We are doing all day long. Regardless of age, stage of life, marital or job status, we are doing. How many tips, books, and programs have you taken over the years to help you do more efficiently? I’ve read, listened to and attended a plethora! However, the […]

Vitality – Your Choice (part 2)


Each day we have the opportunity to choice vitality- or not. Often we find ourselves doing what’s normal, yet it is not necessarily healthy. Vitality includes detoxing and nourishing yet we often miss simple things that can ramp our vitality to whole new levels. Hydration You’ve most likely heard that we should drink 8-10 glasses […]

Vitality – your choice


Vitality What is your idea of vitality? It can look different for many of us.  Some may want to run marathons; some climb Mount Everest; some may want to enjoy a relaxing yoga session; others a fun game of tennis; and some may feel great walking around the mall. Whatever your picture of vitality or […]