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So… are you drinking more water? Have you begun to notice the Vitality effects of increased hydration?

In my last post I shared about the incredible importance of drinking great water. And, I shared the first stage of making the change by suggesting some

“good” hydration practices. Today I’m sharing the “better” and “best” tips. You can choose to go for the “gusto” and start with “best” or take it gradually – whatever your personality and vitality goals dictate. Whatever you choose- good luck!

Better Consume more water.

The recommended doses for water are now ½ your weight in ounces every day. For example, a 120 lb female should consume, at least, 60 ounces of water each day (roughly eight 8oz. glasses). This formula provides adequate hydration for only children and small women.  It must be customized to body size – A 200 lb person, for instance, should consume about a gallon a day. Less than that, they will obviously experience dehydration. Keep in mind; this amount of water is just for adequate function of the body. Best –is to drink more. One more thing – be sure to drink your water from glass or BPA free plastics.

Best Consume good water! Desert Hot Springs, in CA has the purest, best tasting water in the world (voted several years in a row). I’ve had the water, and soaked it this amazing, pure, mineral rich water that comes right from a tap route up from the magna inside the earth. It’s incredible. However, drinking water from Desert Hot Springs may not be possible, since they don’t bottle it;) However, there are water systems / filters that come mighty close to this magnificent water.

Eliminating the Dehydrating beverages and replacing with good clean water is fabulous!! What’s best however is giving your body an amazing flow of water that goes immediately right to the power source of the body – inside the cell. You can drink a lot of water, yet to obtain optimal cell / organ / body function – thus optimal vitality- you want it to enter the cell rapidly. Factors that contribute to good water are

  • Filtered
  • Micro-clustered
  • High pH / alkaline

There are great filters out there today, that can provide all three. Some are pricy, yet the water is amazing. The health benefits for higher pH water are almost limitless, thus the ROI is definitely positive. Personally, I drink “Kangen” water from Enagic . Life Inoziers also have a great product.

If you cannot afford a system for your home, then I would recommend at bare minimum – a Brita filter.

What cool tricks have you incorporated into your life to increase your water intake?

Do you have a water system you recommend?

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