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Cooking healthy, high vibration foods, that nourish the body, mind and spirt are my passion!

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Lori is a Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Health Coach & Creation Coach who specializes in getting to the root cause of your symptoms

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Thank you for all of you who were able to join me live for the Breast HEALTH Awareness webinar. Thank you for your beautiful energy, your support, and most importantly, for allowing me to contribute to you. Thank you for your patience as I learn “the ropes” of the online training world. I apologize that you received 3 emails yesterday – from zoom- about time changes. Who knew they notify you each time I was trying to practice with the AV? Really, thanks for your patience!!  I pray that you learned some new knowledge & tips to empower your health choices and ensure your healthy breasts.  

If you were not able to watch the presentation, or want to review it, please click here to see the recording. If you wished you had shared it with another woman, please feel free to share the registration page. I’d be thrilled to support your friends and loved ones, too.  

In the future, keep your eye out for my new website with more blog posts, “Lori’s List” of my favorite products to support you, and more. In the meantime, if there are topics that you’d like me to address in a blog, podcast, or webinar, please send an email to with your request.   

In preparation for more education via webinars, podcasts, and/or blogs, I would love your feedback! Please take 3 minutes to fill out this short survey so I can better tailor my content to your needs and wants. Thank you so much in advance!

Again, thank you for participating, and here’s to your healthy breasts!  

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