Today in my 50’s I feel fit and fabulous. I’m taking on new adventures like scuba diving, and windsurfing at 49. I have a great marriage that works, an amazing family and work that is fulfilling. But it didn’t used to be that way.

By age 42 my health had hit the wall. The doctors told me it was in my head. I was insulted, frustrated, confused and livid.

Have you ever felt that way?


I was determined to find answers. Fortunately, I listened to my body and my intuition and studied everything I could get my hands on in both western and integrative (mind, body, spirit) medicine.

I knew in my heart, that I was being taught, so I could in turn coach other women to live extraordinary lives of passion, vibrant health and amazing partnerships.

My purpose is to show you how
Vitality can be a Reality for you.

What started with a fifth grader’s dream—learn all you can about the heart—turned into a lifelong passion and career.

I had followed my grade school passion and landed a job in the Cardiac ICU in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was saving lives and was living my dream. I was married, and figured my life was set.

Mid-twenties brought marriage and I figured my life was set.

The universe had other plans.

At 30 I was grieving infertility and the loss of my marriage. Fortunately I still had my passion of healing others and grad school, a great escape. So were my 16-hour workdays. I was climbing the proverbial ladder of success, taking care of my home and everyone else but me.

My job included travel, two layoffs in two years, and more grad school, this time for my Nurse Practitioner degree. Although I was fulfilled professionally, I was lonely, tired, incredibly frustrated with the dating scene and… fried!

Can any of you relate?

My health hit the wall at 42. It seems that in my caring for others, I missed all the “dashboard lights” with my own health.

Sound familiar?

The docs told me it was basically “ in my head”. I thought… “If I have all this medical / nursing education and this guy is treating me like this, what must my non-medical girlfriends be dealing with”!! That’s when I knew that I wanted to make difference for other women. As I continued to heal, my passion to coach other women to manage their life -their health, hormones, and relationships, continued to grow. If I could help others from hitting rock bottom as I did, that… would be fulfilling and awesome!

Now at 50

I can share my journey back from all of that, to how I found my soul mate (and became an instant mom of 3 teenagers) a relationship that works, vibrant health, and work that fulfills me. My passion is to make Vitality a Reality for You!!

Send me a message today and let me know how you would like to get started making a change in your life!

If you are a workin’ woman, you may want to read on.

Do you know that majority of women’s health issues are caused by women being in “man mode”! For instance, professional woman are dying of heart disease 10x faster than their non-working girlfriends. Why?

When women are faced with deadlines of producing results, the hormonal ramifications set up a vicious cascade that affects almost every system in your body causing a crash and burn scenario – sooner or later!

“Man-mode” can sabotage even the best of health / wellness / treatment plans in about 5 minutes. Vitality for women requires that we learn how to balance masculine and feminine energy. And, you don’t have to sacrifice productivity to turn things around. Learning how to access your feminine energy can actually increase your effectiveness!

One of the major contributing factors to my health crash was indeed this exact phenomenon.  I’ve spent years of study and coaching to master the balance of these precious energies and can help you master it too! This set’s me apart from every other coach / consultant you’ll ever find.

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