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Lori is a Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Health Coach & Creation Coach who specializes in getting to the root cause of your symptoms

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Body Hydration


Hydration  So… are you drinking more water? Have you begun to notice the Vitality effects of increased hydration? In my last post I shared about the incredible importance of drinking great water. And, I shared the first stage of making the change by suggesting some “good” hydration practices. Today I’m sharing the “better” and “best” […]

Body Hydration


Vitality – your choice (part 1) Each day we have the opportunity to choose vitality- or not. Often we find ourselves doing what’s normal, yet it is not necessarily healthy. Vitality includes detoxing and nourishing yet we often miss simple things that can ramp our vitality to whole new levels. Hydration You’ve most likely heard […]

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