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Wellness and happiness are different for each person, as varied and unique as our fingerprints. I know this from my experience, and from that of my clients. And spending 10 years as a critical care nurse helps me know it from the cellular level as well. Wellness is a state of being that goes down to our very biology. Body chemistry imbalances impact our work, families and overall sense of well-being. I can help you understand how your life style or habits may be creating problems for your body—and vice versa.


But for some people, the root cause is not biological: it’s relational. Healing your relationships—at work or at home—is one of the most critical things you can do for your health and happiness. Or it could be that your relationship with yourself needs attention.


The point is, all these areas—body chemistry, relationships, work—are intertwined. My approach with all my clients is step back, look at the big picture, and use that perspective to see what needs to change in these areas to best support their optimal wellness. Helping them get that perspective is a labor of love for me. It allows me to use my foundation in western medicine and combine it with integrative and functional medicine to help them see a way to be who they want to be.



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