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Lori is passionate about empowering others to live lives of Vitality:

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  • Exuberant physical strength, energy & zest
  • Mental vigor, spirit & passion
  • The capacity for a meaningful purposeful existence


Lori is a Nurse Practitioner by Education with over 30 years in the healthcare area. She has spent the last 15 years specializing in Integrative therapies – treating causes, not just conditions. Lori has spent years studying the impacts of stress on our bodies.

When she took the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop in 1995, she was able to heal her relationships with men -all men! Once she understood the cause of many of the relationship challenges she was having, she not only had new hope, but a whole new level of freedom to be herself.

Lori knew that she needed to bring this profound education to others. Thus she trained extensively with Alison Armstrong and is now a licensed partner with PAX, Inc. She has also completed over a decade of leadership training with Landmark Education and was awarded the Who’s Who Integrative Health & Wellness educator of the year.

She is a coach, consultant and public speaker on Vitality and relationship effectiveness in all realms of life.[/learn_more]

What if you could:

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  • Gain a deeper understanding of the differences between men and women?
  • Know how to improve your success in all arenas in life, while alleviating some stress?
  • Understand how using feminine forms of power can impact your health?
  • Have more peace and partnership in your relationships with men?


Well, let me share a secret:



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I have found in my own course of study and healing process some very interesting education about the significant, genetically imprinted, differences between men and women. These differences are things that have us do and be a certain way. No counseling or self-help books are going to change these instinctive ways of being. Instead, by understanding them, we can choose to allow these traits to dictate our life, or we can create extraordinary ones! This new education has enhanced my personal wisdom in taking care of my own health while being very productive in the world. Just as important- it has significantly enhanced all of my relationships!


I discovered the PAX programs- beginning with Celebrating Men Satisfying Women. Additionally, after extensive training of mastery of this work, I am a licensed partner with PAX to share this work with my clients and colleagues.


Contact me if you would like to learn more about these workshops, private coaching, CD’s / books.


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