Yourself, your Relationships, your Life

Are you exhausted, busted, disgusted, dismayed, dissatisfied or hurt? Are you feeling guilty for feeling this way?

If this sounds like you, then come ReVitalize yourself with Lori Finlay Hamilton, M.S., R.N., B.C.C

  • Imagine a weekend nestled in nature’s beauty along the Chattahoochee River. Imagine pampering, Incredible nourishing scrumptious food that will delight your palate.
  • Imagine massage, Infrared sauna, Jacuzzi & pool
  • Imagine education and tools that will forever transform the way you relate to yourself, your life and your relationships.
  • Imagine gaining clarity on what is sucking the life out of you and learning how to access Life sourcing energy.

In this captivating weekend, you will be able to identify the Vitality Zapping Life Sucking behaviors in your life, and learn how to exchange them for Vitality Boosting Life Sourcing ones.

Lori knows that health of your relationships will determine your level of vitality; your relationship with yourself, your brain, your hormones, your body, your spirit, your men, your emotions & even your God.  Lori combines her years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner, certified coach, and licensed partner with the Understand Men Co. (PAX, Inc.) to guide women toward reVitalizing themselves one relationship at a time.

Lori has found that her greatest joy, in working with women globally – on land, sea and through the airwaves- is watching women come back to Life. Lori’s mission is to restore your magic & MoJo by identifying what’s preventing you from living and loving fully.

Lori has been able to Make Vitality a Reality for herself and now can empower you to do the same.

What – this powerful weekend workshop you will be guided to gain and incredible understanding about  (note- the items below may change)

  • Understand how to regain optimal physical health and how to take the “moan out of hormones”
  • Gain a new understanding of super foods that will fuel your body, mind and spirit
  • Learn what “Super Foods” will nourish your partnerships
  • Learn how to express your needs to the men in your life.
  • Enjoy energy and passion to do the things you love to do, (and use to have the energy to do)
  • Learn new skills to build extraordinary partnerships
  • Learn how to motivate your man
  • Understand how you are impacting how men are treating you
  • Have fun and share in a group setting
  • Learn how to replace the ANT’s (automatic negative thoughts) and other brain zapping behaviors, with brain healthy tips

·      April 12. 13 – 2014

·      May 10, 11 – 2014

·      June 7th 8th – 2014

·      July 12.13th – 2014

·      Aug 9th 10th – 2014

·      Sept. 13th 14th – 2014

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