Welcome to the Media room for Lori Finlay Hamilton.

Lori has been called a woman’s mind and body “tune up” specialist and as well as a recognized relationship expert. She has helped guide countless women by sharing sound advice on living fit and staying healthy in mind, body and attitude. Lori teaches women how to successfully recapture their Vitality while gracefully fulfilling their lives. She stream lines through the barrage of information on health and wellness so they can spend their time on getting healthy—while sparing countless innocent partners and children from the “collateral damage.”

Whether coaching one-on-one, facilitating groups or working with seminar participants, her clients have recaptured their sanity, lowered their stress and revitalized their lives. The results are dramatic and lifestyle altering. Clients are then free to be their best selves – feel fantastic, be more effective, and create amazing partnerships.

Lori is straight talking, humorous, and enjoys sharing a wealth of sound health information. She is a compassionate coach & speaker whose singular passion is that individuals enjoy Vitality to live meaningful, passionate lives expressing their authentic gifts and purposes

Lori’s favorite topics includes:

  • Optimizing health down to the cellular level
  • Hormone balancing at it’s best
  • Gender related health issues – i.e. Women and heart disease
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energy
  • Understanding Wo(men) –  creating extraordinary partnerships & getting your needs met

Lori has been a featured speaker on radio, small group settings, large corporate wellness programs and conventions including:

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