You’re told to eat a good diet; do you know how your food actually impacts your moods sex drive, hot flashes or even risk of cancers?

Do you know that simple things like your personal care and cleaning products are dramatically impacting your hormones?
Do you know that your powerlessness to partner or communicate with men can punch/squeeze the pep right out of you?
Do you know that how you pursue “success” can actually zap the vitality right out of you and… set you up for disease?

If you are unaware or confused as to how you can take control of your Vitality –

I can help!

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Are you trying to sort through medical jargon and navigate your way through the Menopause Maze?

I have been there and I get it. I’ve been there and… I’ve found the answers.

I’m on the other side and living with more Vitality (and a better sex life) than I had when I was 40.

I can help you sort through things and get on the right track with simple things to bring clarity and relief!

Join me for my Tele-Seminar series to get your life back

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Weekly Calls- from the comfort from your own home / office
If the times don’t fit into your busy life – don’t worry – they will all be recorded so you can easily listen on your favorite device
Thursday evenings 
8-9 pm EST

Tele-seminar series includes:

  • Hormone basics that you need to know so you can create your own level of Vitality
  • Power nutrients and other critical spunk stuff to give you back your pep and pizzaz
  • How to De-tox the junk that’s clogging up your cells and sucking the life out of you
  • Understand the hidden ways that you may be sabotaging your stamina and success
  • Reveal scientific breakthroughs to get your bounce back

In our weekly calls, in the comfort of your own home or office, we’ll cover the following subjects in detail:

Week 1: Unveiling Vitality Zappers. This week we will unveil that latest science and understanding of the things in our every day world that are zapping your Vitality. As we uncover the body, mind, spirit connection hormone imbalances, toxins, lifestyle choices, and cave woman attacks you’ll get a foundation for the rest of the course.

Week 2: Beauty or the Beast? Our hormones are the source of Vitality & beauty when they are delicately balanced. When they are out of whack, you have little control to choose anything better than “beast”. This week we’ll discuss hormonal basics that you need to know to so you have access to your beauty and ward of the beast. Yes this will be different from the next week.

Week 3: Take the Moan out of Hormones. At last – simple, valuable information that will allow you to “take the moan” out of your own hormones. Whether you prefer western medical approaches, or various integrative solutions (homeopathic, herbals, creams, essential oils, Yoga, foods etc.) you’ll have choices that can create better hormonal health than you may have had in years!

Week 4: Lifestyle choices are they sourcing your or sucking the life out of you? Even the best “treatment plan” can be sabotaged in 5 minutes if you are not aware of the impact of your lifestyle choices. When busy modern woman are in “Man – Mode” producing results at home or work, the impact on hormone balance has dramatic ramifications both in the short term and long term. Learn how you can make simple yet profound shifts to stop the “life sucking” habits. In this one I want to get very specific about masculine and feminine energy and what “man-mode” can do to our physiology ie. Suck the vitality out of us.

Week 5: The Communication Connection & Calming Cave Woman. Did you know that your powerlessness to partner or communicate with men punches the pep right out of you? This week, we’ll examine how “competitive cave woman” is causing your Vitality to plummet and what tools / resources are out there to support you in becoming calm, cool & confident.

Week 6: Power Nutrients and Critical Spunk Stuff. Finally, insider secrets of vitally are shared, including scientific breakthroughs to enhance cellular health and step- by- step directions on how you can revamp your vitality with power nutrients, detoxing, supplements, essential oils, exercise etc. This week we will tie it all together and leave you will leave with clear choices at your finger tips that can augment all the good stuff you’re now doing to “Make Vitality a Reality”.

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