Making Vitality A Reality – Videlica Women TeleSeries Spring 2013 – with Lori Finlay Hamilton

Conference call schedule

  • Session 1- March 26
  • Session 2- April 9
  • Session 3 – April 23
  • Session 4- May 7
  • Session 5- May 21
  • Session 6- June 4

All calls are scheduled for Tuesday afternoons at 5pm EST.

Phone conference line (206) 402-0100, 881080#

Listening to recordings of the teleclass sessions

If you were unable to join us for the live teleconference, you can use the instructions on this site to listen to a recording of the call online and/or download an MP3 file.

  • To listen to the recordings online:
    • Click on the blue underlined file name under the words “Play/Download MP3 file” and the recording will begin to play in a new window.
    • Depending on how your computer is set up, pop-up blockers could interfere with new windows opening.
    • If that happens, you will need to change your settings to allow pop-ups from
  • To download the MP3 files to your computer:
    • Right Click on the blue underlined file name under the words “Play/Download MP3 file” which will cause a menu of options to appear in a grey box on your screen.
    • From the menu, click on “Save link as…” and then follow the directions from your computer to pick a location to store the recording on your computer.
    • You will probably want to create a new file folder and call it Cure for Complaining Teleclass to store all the files you download in one place that will be easy to find later.
    • Repeat this “right click” process for each of the 3 audio files and you’ll have saved everything you need to listen again and again as long as you keep these files on your computer.
    • If you want to take the files with you to listen in the car, you can transfer the files onto a CD. This is called “burning“, and the software that your computer uses to play the audio files (for example, Windows Media Player) will have instructions on how to burn your files to a CD.

Play/Download MP3 file

March 26: Making Vitality a Reality: Physical Vitality Zappers

April 9: Partnership Vitality Zappers: The Effects of Criticism on the Masculine and Feminine

April 23: Detoxing your Partnerships: Noble Healing

May 7: Nourishing Your Partnerships: Love languages & The Appreciation Equation

May 21:  Nourishing Our Body

Jun3 4:  Burning Bridges / Celebrating our wins

Download Handouts

Week 1 – Session #1 Homework

Week 2 – Criticism, The anatomy of a complaint, Handout

Week 3 – Noble Healing

Week 4 – Appreciation, Appreciation Equation Handout, Appreciation Currency Chart


Thank you for joining us for this life changing TeleSeries!

To Your Vitality & Living at Life that you Truly Love!

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